If you only play this game a few hours a week (less than 3) you'll enjoy it much longer.

I bought this game out of sheer curiousity. My friend and I were checking if Red Alert 3 was out yet at best buy so we could pick up our pre-order, however it wasn't and Fallout 3 was still in stock and I bought it on impulse shame on me.

At first I couldn't believe I actually bought it I was scared it might've been all flash, however this game is very fun, from the way you can go from first to third person, the player to A.I. interactions.

The game might get old fast if you just go around killing everyone and blowing every limb off the town's people. If you do this game might only last a few weeks at max. Plus it's made be Bethesda, The makers of Elder Scrolls... so you know with the mini quests and whatnot will add hundreds of hours to gameplay which I unfortunately don't have time for.

Overall really innovative RPG feel with a touch of FPS.