hmm... Rent any one

Mortal Kombat Armegeddon has one of the worst graphics I've ever seen on a PS2, not only that it seems to completely decapitate the meaning of fun. The konquest mode isn't all that konquesty, the kombat mode is pathetic, the pros of this game I must say is the number of characters selectable, the kreate a fighter has something at least, while the relaxing races are a nice side step from fighting, In truth this game has no right to exist, not only does the fun factor last long it seems to be quite boring killing people, the kreate a fatality isn' so much kreate but more like kustomize a fatality. The arcade mode is pathetic there are no extra cool cgis, or animation which preety much blew me away with honesty, but all in all its a game where you can almost do everything in 4 to 5 hours.