I've been playing this game for the last five years and I'm yet to get bored.

User Rating: 10 | Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion PC
The expansion adds a few features which make the gameplay a little more easy and manageable. Farm queues at the mill(upto 20), smart villagers(work automatically after constructing a drop off building) are just a few of the gameplay tweaks. The game introduces 5 new civilizations(Huns, Koreans, Spanish, Aztecs and Mayans) each adding more variety to the already varied gameplay of Age of Kings. Take for example the Huns: they don't need to build houses at all and the Spanish: get mounted monks(Missionaries) and mounted hand-cannoneers(Conquistadors). The Aztecs and Mayans get by their no-horse disadvantage by displaying a formidable infantry and archer line which includes the popular Eagle Warrior. The Koreans, on the other hand, get amazing tower bonuses. Single player campaigns take you through the historic quests of El-Cid and Attila the Hun and the struggles of the Aztec warriors against the Spanish Invaders(Montezuma campaign). The mixed bag of scenarios(Battles of Conquerors) is superbly constructed and designed. The Visuals and Sound effects are apt for the game and period. ES has even added a new Unique Techonology for every civilization which either boosts their team bonuses or tweaks the unique unit. A few new units include the Halberdier(an upgrade of the already deadly Pikeman), the Petard(pronounced 'Medieval Age Suicide Bomber') and the Hussar(Light Cavalry upgrade). A few other features which tweak up the game are: Ram Garrisoning, Smart Siege Weapons(don't attack friendly units), Chat in Players Team color and a basic tweak up/down of the various units/buildings to balance the game out. Multiplayer has been improved by improving chatting and diplomacy and what's more you can take full screen shots(Ctrl+F12). Truly a must have and in my opinion the best expansion...... no the best game ever!!!!!!