Age of Empires II: Gold Edition Cheats For PC

  1. Cheats

    Press enter then type the following.

    Code Effect
    MARCO Reveal Map
    POLO Remove Shadow
    ROCK ON +1000 Stone
    LUMBERJACK +1000 Wood
    ROBIN HOOD +1000 Gold
    HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON Gives a 'cobra' car
    TO SMITHEREENS Gives a saboteur
    FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY Get a Furious Monkey Boy
    AEGIS Immediate Building
    RESIGN Defeat yourself
    WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY Destroy yourself
    TORPEDOx Kills opponent x
    BLACK DEATH Destroy all the enemies
    I R WINNER Victory
    NATURAL WONDERS Control nature (lose control of men)
    WOOF WOOF Turns birds into super dogs

    Contributed by: Quolnok 

  2. Command Line Cheat/Functions +Tip

    Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat/function.

    Plus a tip on inputting cheats in faster.

    Code Effect
    Autompsave Saves your game automatically for you every few minutes.
    NoTerrainSound Removes the sounds of the Terrain/Nature
    NormalMouse Removes the given mouse icon and replaces it with the Mouse Arrow(standard pointer)
    NoSounds Turns off ALL sounds.
    NoMusic Removes all music from gameplay.
    800 Resolution 800x600
    1024 Resolution 1024x768
    1280 Resolution 1280x1024
    Mfill Fix's display problems with some video cards
    NoStartup No pre-game FMV sequences
    Msync Fix Sound-Blaster AWE freezes
    Enter continual cheats faster: Copy with CTRL+C , Paste with CTRL+V

    Contributed by: Sour 

Age of Empires II: Gold Edition Cheats For Macintosh

  1. Cheat Codes

    Press Enter, enter a code and press Enter again.

    Code Effect
    CHEESE STEAK JIMMY'S Gives you 1000 food.
    LUMBERJACK Gives you 1000 wood.
    ROBIN HOOD Gives you 1000 gold.
    ROCK ON Gives you 1000 rock.
    I R WINNER Instant win.
    MARCO Reveals map.
    POLO Removes Fog of War.
    AEGIS Instant build and unit creation.
    BLACK DEATH Destroys all enemies on the map.
    RESIGN Lose current mission.
    HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON Gives you a Cobra Car.
    TO SMITHEREENS Gives you a Saboteur.
    I LOVE MONKEY HEAD Gives you a VDML.
    NATURAL WONDERS Gives you control of nature.
    WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY Eliminate yourself from map.
    TORPEDO# (where # is the opponent number) Destroys opponent with the coresponding number.

    Contributed by: GurraJG 

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