Age of Empires Gold Edition Cheats For PC

  1. Cheats for Age Of Empires

    Press the ENTER key during game and type in the following codes:

    Code Effect
    JACKBENIMBLE fires half-dressed villagers from catapults
    COINAGE 1000 gold
    PEPPERONI PIZZA 1000 food
    E=MC2 TROOPER absolutely awesome laser soldier appears at your town center!
    BIG BERTHA strengthens all your catapults
    woodstock 1000 wood
    quarry 1000 stone
    pow Summons a baby on a tricycle with a musket
    stormbilly Summons a robot
    King Arthur Turns all birds to dragons
    Photon Man a trooper from the future with a lazer instead of a Nuke.
    steroids buildings and units are created instantly
    resign you resign
    home run automatic win
    icbm Your ballista and helepolis get 99 range
    jack be nimble Your catapults throw villagers, cows, etc.
    hari kari You lose the game
    BIG MOMMA white sports car with rocket launcher
    gaia Gives you control over nature (but lose control over your own civilization)
    KILLX Kill player x.
    HOYOHOYO Priests are much faster and much stronger
    NO FOG Removes fog of war
    dark rain Turns a Bowman into a Composite Bowman which turns into a tree when not moving
    Reveal map reveals the map
    medusa transforms villagers into medusas
    black rider Turns Horse Archers into Black Riders
    flying dutchman Upgrade your Catapult Tiremes/Juggernauts into Flying Dutchmen which can go on land
    DIEDIEDIE All enemy units die.
    convert this! St. Francis unit that resembles priest, but can call lightning when close enough to opponent
    grantlinkspence Turn gazelles, lions, elephants, and alligators into animal kings
    upsidflintmobile Accelerates your Chariot Archers
    BIGDADDY Big Car like BIG MOMMA, only with inverted colors
    POWER UNLIMITED Gives you the same thing as the "pow" cheat, only the baby is much stronger.

    Contributed by: CatBOne 

  2. Uber car!!

    During a game press "Enter" and type in "bigdaddy". You get a very nice black car with a rocket laucher strapped to it. Before you activate the code, to save time highlight the field by pressing "Shift" and "Home" before pressing "Ctrl" + C. Then instead of having to type out "bigdaddy", press "Ctrl" + V. Get up a massive army of them and send them into the middle of any enemy civilastion. Then sit back and watch the carnage!!

    Contributed by: chillychello