Great, complete new genre of games

This game will be propably a father of a new genre of Games, perfect graphics, awesome story, brand new point of view and interaction.

The major caracter simple wakes up inside a reseacrh facility ship alone and had to discover all with your help, you are the guy who controls the cameras, door, lights and other things inside the ship, the comunication is off, you must guide the caracter you seen on your cameras by turn on/off the lights.

Immersive story about the discovering of a new race, psycologycal thriller, since you can access computers under different logins and search answers. If you work with computers you will love this one.

Try to understand others caracters minds, undertand how theirs minds works to solve the puzzles, their plans, their fellings.

Definitely a worth the price and must be played as soon as you can.