Stuck at 42% (spoilers)

#1 Posted by Mewty (3 posts) -
So I got the sponge and cleaned up the chocolate guy who was the ice king, and he said to go to the candy dungeon, but I've been everywhere i can access on the map, AND I've been to the locked room in Bubblegum's castle and gotten the crouch attack. Can someone tell me where on the map it is or how to access it? Also has anyone heard plans of a walkthrough for this game?
#2 Posted by Maus652 (7 posts) -
It's the funny little towershaped building on the way to Lemongrab's castle, before a stair-style dungeon.
#3 Posted by Mewty (3 posts) -
but there's a wall in the way and I read there's a switch somewhere in the room but I've floor swiped and regular hit everything and I can't get past. D:
#4 Posted by Maus652 (7 posts) -
You've got to use the jump + down+sword attack on the little round block with a grey top. The sword tip goes into the grey bit of the block a la sword in the stone and it'll turn green. Or if I've forgotten the type of wall, you giant-fist-smash it. But that's for crumbly sorts of bricks.