Adventure Island: The Beginning Cheats For Wii

  1. Master Higgins Feats and new clothes

    Achieve Master Higgins Feats to unlock new clothes (Skirts and caps) for Master Higgins.

    Code Effect
    Beat a level without having or picking up a weapon. Weaponless Master
    Kill 50 DenDen (Minor enemies). Master Chef
    Kill every type of non-boss enemy in the game. Gladiator
    Fly for 10 seconds. Fancy Flyer
    Destroy 50 rolling boulders. Rock Breaker
    Beat 10 different stages without taking any damage. Action Star
    Finish Skateboard Survival under 40 seconds. Speed Boarder
    Score over 30000 on Axe Attack. Perfect Shooter
    Score over 1500 on Fruit Grabber. Island Harvest
    Find all hidden eggs in all stages. Treasure Hunter
    Fully upgrade all three main weapons and buy the two additional ones. Weapon Collector
    Pick up a watermelon in 10 different stages. A watermelon appears if you pick up all other food in a stage. Watermelon Thief?!
    Score 16.0 or higher in Rapid Fire Ruins. Mr. 16-Shot
    Beat the final boss. Adventure Island Hero
    Collect all 100 Gold Melons. Melon Maniac
    Beat the special stage. Adventure Island Pro

    Contributed by: CaptainDrakesGhost