I love it!! A couple of problems but other than that it's a good game. When all the characters are unlocked its better.

I really liked this game! The only thing i didn't really like was the camera view and some of the moves. The camera moves as you move along so I'll be moving forward and the camera will be looking at my back and then it moves and it's looking at my face. So you say so what but the character moves in respect to the camera angle. So I'll be running forward and the camera will move and I'll be moving in another direction. Also, sometimes smoke will drift through the fight and I would lose sight of my character completely. Second not all of the moves worked for me. I'm one of those gamers who, when thrust into battle, just start clicking away. When you have 5 or 6 orcs come running at you, you don't have the time or the amount of health to successfully parry and then finish off your opponent. Other than that is was awesome!!! I would definitely recommend it.