Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat Cheats For PC

  1. Advanced Battle Grounds The Future Of Combat Console Cheats

    Start Game, Load A Mission, Press ~ (tilde) to access console.
    Type any of the following case sensitive cheats

    Code Effect
    God Mode Cheat.GodMode();
    Extra Ammo Cheat.AddAmmo();
    Tune Weapons Cheat.TuneWeapons();
    Full Health Cheat.FullHealth();
    Mission Skip Cheat.NextMission();
    Tune Implants Cheat.TuneImplants();
    Clear Overload Cheat.ClearOverload();
    9mm Ammo Cheat.GiveAmmo9mmShort();
    12mm Ammo Cheat.GiveAmmo12mmShort();
    14mm Ammo Cheat.GiveAmmo14mmLong();
    Rocket Ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoRockets();
    Energy Ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoEnergy();
    8mm Ammo Cheat.GiveAmmo8mmLong();
    Shotgun Ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoShotgun();
    Knife Cheat.GiveKnife();
    Grenade Cheat.GiveGrenade();
    Cluster Cheat.GiveClusterGrenade();
    Healtex Cheat.GiveHealtex();
    OCS Cheat.GiveOCS();
    Cloaking Device Cheat.GiveCloakingDevice();
    Unknown Cheat.GiveOCICrom();

    Contributed by: skylerz