Multi-faceted excellence.

User Rating: 9 | Actraiser SNES
Man, when this game first came out, it was so fantastic. Home consoles hadn't even seen the likes of its graphical style. Plus the game infused many aspects of different genres into an experience that was enthralling. The infusion included styles and intricacies from arcade, action, rpg, and strategy genres. From the commencement of the first action sequence, the game got you hooked. The town simulation mode made you feel like a "god" who held the fate of the townsmembers in his hands. Finding spells, increasing health, searching the maps all drew you further into the game. Maybe I am a little schizophrenic, or maybe I just had an overactive imagination, but I felt like I was drew into the game just as Alice was when she stepped through the looking glass. Even after I was done playing, I would go explore the fields and creeks around my house in search of the respective "boss" of each area. This was seldom exciting as the "bosses" usually were prarie dogs... however, I did run into a skunk once. Anyway, damn, this game kicked so much @$$, I couldn't wait for a sequel... then Actraiser 2 came out, but that is a whole different story.
***DISCLAIMER*** no prarie wildlife was harmed as a result of me playing this game.