Simply. Amazing. Best Arcade game for 800 Microsoft Points you can get.

User Rating: 9.5 | Aces of the Galaxy X360
This game. Holy cow. I saw the advertisement for "Aces of the Galaxy - Releasing this Wednesday!" I was like. hey that game looks pretty sweet. I downloaded the demo that Wednesday. And dude. I was hooked. Its only 2 levels. But its the most addicting thing ever. I was so addicted. That I could get 5 stars on both levels on all 3 difficulties. Easy Normal and Hard. And I immediately bought the full game.

Now for the actual review

You can choose from 3 ships. From what I know. They arent any different. Just looks.

You start off on the first level called "Break out!" and then if you collect this certain power-up. You get the ability to choose your path for your next mission. its kind of like a branch. You pick your paths to the next levels.

It takes 9 missions to beat the game. BUT. There are achievements such as Get 5 stars on all 25 missions on Normal. Then another one for Hard. How is this possible with only 9 missions to beat it? Different path ways my friend. It equals up to 25 missions.

Best game....800 microsoft points will get you. Its such a great package for how cheap it is. And the graphics are so amazing.
So. that adds an INCREDIBLE amount of replay value to this game

Not to mention 3 of the achievements are Co-Op exclusive (beat 5 missions in co-op, Beat Normal, Beat Hard)

Well. you have 3 main weapons. A is your chain gun. YOU CAN NOT HOLD DOWN A. You have to rapidly press it. It actually works very well for the game. making it more hardcore and it allows you to shoot as fast as your thumbs will let you. Then. X is missiles. you move your aimer over several enemies and it will lock onto them and fire missiles. Then B is Torpedos which is pretty much just effective on bosses since they are so slow.

You can upgrade the weapons two times. Chain gun gets more powerful. Missiles will launch more missiles. And torpedos are stronger and create a larger explosion.

The game is simply amazing we'll just say that. Download the demo. And you'll be hooked after you get the hang of it :)