Potentially great game ruined by arbitrary and un-fun rails sections...

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If I wanted to play some lame AC-130 mission I would play CoD.  Seriously, these missions are identical to that, but even more frustrating as rockets are sent in mass at you from targets you can't even see.  And wait you get to repeat these missions...oh boy!  And the helo missions?  Close to as lame.  Sure you get to move around, but principle is the same.  Roll around and spam weapons in linear repeated lines of attack.

Just leave this filler out of the next game, this is a flying game...I want to be **** flying.

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I wrote this only because I spent $20 on this game and was having a great time until I hit the action sequences that are borderline interactive cut scenes, the rails section, the horrible plot, and that you spend just as much time doing non-flying related crap than you do flying!

Having played and enjoyed it's predecessors, I'm glad I passed on this at full price.  I'm sure I will still enjoy it once I get to actually fly again...and the multiplayer is definitely addictvie and fun.

If you're thinking about getting this, I would say buy H.A.W.X instead.  You will get a great game that actually does everything it states.  Sure the details aren't as great when you get close to the ground, but you will have a game that is built around air to air combat and nothing else.  The planes are much more unique than in ACAH, (where they all feel pretty much the same), and with Assistance OFF mode, you actually get full control over the plane.  You do the kulbit, comlete with all the associated risks of doing so, not the computer.  So, so much more gratifying