Great game but too short, better rent it instead of buying it!

User Rating: 8.5 | Ace Combat 6: Kaihou e no Senka X360
This is a superb allround game: outstanding graphics, good game control, great sound effects, good bgm and decent voice acting (except for the movie clips in between missions). The plot is interesting too and makes you feel patriotic to your side with the good bgm. There is also a good range of planes to choose from. I'm not sure how accurate their settings are though - the F15 seemed too powerful for the game. The downloadable skins look cool - but I haven't tried playing against others online.

The downside to this game is that it is way too short. Sure you can repeat it on tougher modes but it gets monotonous as the number of missions are too few.

I'd suggest renting this game because you can finish it a couple of times over within a couple of weeks.

If I could suggest anything about this game, both sides of the factions should've been playable!