This game depends on whether you play online or not

To start off, the game all round is quite good. It has some very good parts about it and some very fustrating. To start off with the good points..the graphics are stunning and jaw dropping for a playstation 3 release game, the A.I off the enemies and allies are very intelligent, online multiplayer is something worth experiencing its very addictive and will keep you online for hours on end. Now for the bad...The story doesnt quite hook you and most of the time you dont even know why your in certain areas doing certain missions, there's this thing with the game where you come up to a certain part of the game which is basically impossible to do then you die and come back to it and its incredibly easy. Also the health and always found when you dont need them, so when you have full health you will find a lot of them while on the other hand when your nearly dead you cant find anything. Another good point is the details of the texture on surfaces and also on the detail of the guns, the soundtrack is brillant and atmospheric but sometimes there isn't even a soundtrack just your footsteps. All in all its a pretty solid game but i think it is quite overrated and not worth all of the hype. 7 out of 10.