Acceleration of Suguri X Edition is a great game if your looking for somthing new and cheap on the PSN network.

User Rating: 7.5 | Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition PS3
Last week i had a few bucks to spend on a psn title so i went browsing. I came across this game for $6 which is a pretty great deal for the fresh experience it delivers.

The best way to describe Acceleration would be to mash together a party brawler and a bullet hell game. The action is fast and fun when you first begin and lets you pull of screen filling moves with a press of a butten.

This being said the game can put off the hardcore fighting fans as the depth never goes past figuring out the 2 or thre moves the game never tells you how to do.

The 3 arcade mades while fun at first become a button masher and less fast paced the more you play. Now im sure you wondering why i selected hard for the difficulty then. Well while most enemys on the normal setting and somtimes the hard setting may be pushovers, the end boss is nothing but pure brutality. His patters fill the screen and do massive damage and you have no choice which fight to play as so if you not down with their move set good luck. This being said hes fair and requires fast reflexes and some stratagy to take down.

The games Trophys are very easy and the only challenging one will be taking down that end boss for you trophy whores. It took me about 4 days of moderate game time to gather all 14 for that sweet 100%

So if you like fresh ideas and have a few extra bucks in that psn wallet i would recommend trying it out.