Absolute Supercars Cheats For PS3

  1. Trophies

    There are 20 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Code Effect
    Unlock all Absolute Supercars Trophies. Superstar
    Achieve a perfect Credit score in an offline race. Credit Where Credit Is Due
    Achieve the Clean Race Credit Bonus in an offline race. Clean Credits
    Cause severe damage to a Supercar in Career mode without retiring. 9 Lives
    Completely demolish a Supercar in an offline race. Crash Test Dummy
    Start a race in 16th and finish in 1st. On or offline. Not Counted Out
    Complete a race without going off the track. On or offline. Glued To The Track
    Maintain first place for an entire lap. On or offline. Lap Master
    Go full throttle and hold off the brakes for 15 seconds in an on or offline race No Fear!
    Win a race at Nurburgring without hitting any obstacles. On or offline. Circuit Challenge
    Create your first new Livery. New Style
    Take a Supercar with a personalised livery online and win. Styling 'n' Profiling
    Create your first online race. Race Off
    Race online against a driver from another country. Continental Racer
    Win a race without the HUD. On or offline. HUD Zen
    Complete Stage 1 of Career mode with a 1st place finish in every race. Challenge Accepted
    Complete Stage 2 of Career mode with over 6,000 Race Points. Passport Stamped
    Complete Stage 3 of Career mode with over 10,000 Race Points. Up and Coming
    Complete Stage 4 of Career mode with over 18,000 Race Points. Bound for Glory
    Complete all Objectives in Stage 1 of Career mode. Stage 1 Check
    Complete all Objectives in Stage 2 of Career mode. Stage 2 Check
    Complete all Objectives in Stage 3 of Career mode. Stage 3 Check
    Complete all Objectives in Stage 4 of Career mode. Stage 4 Check
    Complete all Objectives in Stage 5 of Career mode. Stage 5 Check
    Finish Career mode with over 24,000 Race Points. Challenger
    Finish Career mode with over 28,000 Race Points. Story of a Champion
    Finish Career mode with over 32,000 Race Points. Challenge Dominated
    Complete an Auto Club Speedway Oval race without turning right. On or offline. Looking Left
    Win a race with no side mirrors. On or offline. Who is the Fairest?
    Win a race in the wet, without receiving any damage. On or offline. Wet Paint
    Win a race crossing the line in first gear, on or offline. Finished in First!
    Complete a Tournament event with maximum points overall (90). Solid Gold
    Spend 100,000 Credits. Shopaholic
    Win a 3 lap race at Homestead Oval without braking once. On or offline. Rebellious Victory
    Achieve a Credit balance of 1,000,000 Millionaire
    Win the ultimate race on or offline. Supercar Superstar

    Contributed by: Guard Master