A.R.E.S.: Berzerker Suit Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Perfect the Carrion boss fight You Should Have Two
    Perfect the Prime Guardian boss fight Whatever Your Size Is
    Finish all of the stages without using a single repair kit Unlimited Energy
    Achieve Synthesis Soldier rank 'SS' Soldier of the Universe
    Achieve Synthesis Soldier rank 'A' I am the Destroyer
    Achieve Synthesis Soldier rank 'S' Here is my True Strength
    Perfect the Sentinel boss fight Fight with the Same Size
    Finish all of the stages without dying Die Another Day
    In hard mode, defeat all the bosses using only the zytron blaster Boss Headhunter
    Collect all the Data cubes Bookworm
    Finish the game once Primary Objective
    Stun 10 enemies with the EMP grenade Master of Stun
    Watch all the cut-scenes without skipping It's a Long Story
    Collect 1000 units of each material type I Am Trashman
    Destroy 1000 enemies Extinction of the Robots
    Perfect the Goliath boss fight Don't Come Back Again
    Destroy 10 enemies, using your dash attack Close Combat Fighter
    Destroy 5 or more enemies, at once with valkyl's zypher cannon Burst with the Energy
    Destroy 20 enemies, using your grenade attack Art of Destruction
    Discover and use your first repair machine Where is the Emergency?
    Upgrade one of your weapons to its maximum level Weapon At Maximum
    Support Indie Developer like us by telling your friends on Facebook about A.R.E.S. Support A.R.E.S.
    Finish all of the in-game tutorials Ready For Action
    Maximize your attack combo Ninety-Nine Combo
    Trick a Bomber to hit and destroy a Zytron Walker (LA) It's getting too hot!