For a Free game this is a MUST PLAY!! Cool Moves, Kung-Fu, Good and Evil... need I say more?

User Rating: 9.5 | 9Dragons PC
You have to download this and play, it is FREE!! I have never been more impressed with a game than with 9Dragons, read the tips and the help pages on the website, and learn as much as possible before you play. It will make it that much more fun when you start. You get to choose male or Female and your starting stats and general look and features. Then you pick a starting map which is usually the home map for the clan you want to join, if you so choose. You have total freedom to roam where you like, but be careful, if you can't defend your self with Kung-Fu then you may parish trying to travel very far from the clan base.

You are allowed up to 3 characters so give a few clans a try see what you like best. There are more options for character creation then in most MMORPG's. Warning: You will spend most of your time and waking life trying to get better Kung-Fu!

You have been warned, now go get the game!!