It's sad when this beats SA

The graphics are about as good as GTA III, but luckily R* uses the color from SA to give Liberty City a different look. Resolution is really low so in very dark areas the game is almost un-seeable.

The gameplay is similar to VC, but the controls are much better. The camera control is superb and accept for the casual lock-on problems you can't complain (though the squat/duck ability is taken out).

The sound is up to par, but the Radio is just plain bad. With very little licensing of music the Radio ends up off half the time.

The story is good, though at times it may seem confusing, but at least it is better than SA or VC. There is a real Mafia feeling to the story, so if you liked SA but hated the other GTA's then this is not the game for you.

SA was all gangster, LCS is all Mafia. If your a fan of GTA III you'll like LCS. If your a fan of VC you'll like LCS. If you thought SA was the best of 'em all, then LCS is not for you.

LCS offers multiple mini games: motorcycle challenges, Avenging Angels, Firefighter missions, Vigilante missions, Car Salesman, and much more. LCS also offers more than 15+ different outfits and about 68 different vehicles.

Note: With Gameshark, AR, or CB you can now get helicopters and planes plus get your favorite vehicle with your favorite proof and color.