Single Player is AMAZING! Multiplayer needs some balancing!

The single player was OMG, in your face amazing! The visuals were great. I did miss the destructible environments from the first game though. I felt there should have been some kind of bullet penetration too. The game was this amazing why stop there?! I liked the story very much too. Overall the single player was the best part of this game for me. Now the multiplayer...there we some problems like the time it takes for certain things to happen. Late kills were a big problem for me. Shooting at someone for a minute and not having them die then they shoot me for five seconds with my armor on and I die all of a sudden. My aim was fine too by the way. The melee in the game is horrible and to me a little broken. How many times do I need to beat you over the head to kill you? I have super strength for crying out load!