World Cup 2010 offers a great atmosphere and some noticeable differences to FIFA 10. It's good and more than FIFA 10.5.

User Rating: 8 | 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa PS3
World Cup 2010 is on one hand no more than FIFA 10.5 but on the other hand it feels like a new game. This is largely due to things outside of the field. The menus have received a feel-good sausage. Sometimes a little to exaggerated I must say, but that is understandable with the FIFA license, it is also simply demanded by FIFA. The soundtrack fits perfectly with the menus. Nice songs with a summer vibe to it. Add to all of this the atmosphere in the stadium and the new public animations and you have a very good World Cup atmosphere.

To the field than, on the grass this game feels more like the 10.5 update. There are some improvements but the biggest part of the game simply builds upon the smooth gameplay of FIFA 10. As I said there are some adjustments. The keepers are again slightly altered so they no longer come out as idiots and are beaten with a lob, this is also because performing a lob has become more difficult.Furthermore I feel like there are some more unexpected and different goals. And I think that's always a plus for a new FIFA game where often think that many goals are the same. Also the crosses work better. Finishing crosses is a bit easier, I score more headers than in FIFA 10 for example, but the volleys are also improved.

The point where I thought I'd be let down was the value of the game, would this game provide enough?I am reasonably satisfied about the game value. Besides the qualification and actual World Cup there is also the qualification battle. The name is a bit misleading, I thought you'd play a normal qualification but that isn't the case. You play scenarios from the real qualifying matched. Situations that really existed on the fields and that you can now replay. Nice addition, and during the World Cup there will be a new scenario updated by EA each playing day, good service. And then there is the Captain Your Country mode. You can compare this with Be a Pro from FIFA, you take control of your player and you try to make a new for yourself in the national team. You start in the second team and then you have to work your way up. Also a nice addition but not very innovative.

The online game modes also provide more value to the game. There are actually two main modes online, in one you play a World Cup online. You will be matched with someone who is as far as you in the tournament, so this World Cup online works fine. I usually get beaten in the semi- or quarterfinals. I won the Online World Cup once, so they can't take that one away. There are also the standard 1 versus 1 online matches.They are now played in a kind of competition. When you've played 10 games and you have accumulated 16 points you will be promoted to a higher division. Then you play against people from the same division. A good system were people of the same level are matched.

In the end a good update of FIFA 10, but because of the atmosphere it feels like playing a totally new game. The gameplay improved slightly again and the game offers me enough fun so far, both offline and online.