This truly is a must have for any DBZ fan or even a fighting gamer. A great game that allows you to duke it out!

This game is definatly a must buy for any DBZ fan. Even if your a DBZ fan and you don't typically play fighting games (like me) you will enjoy this game. There are many characters to play as including Goku, Cell, the Androids, Vegeta, Gohan, Tien, and many more! The battles are really intense with extreme fighting styles and awesome combos. Kamehameha? Yes it's in here, and you can use it to crush your opponent. You can even go super saiyan!
Tired of playing as the good guys? Well then you can play duel mode as your favorite villain! Want to have a tournament? Why not, the tournament mode is amazing! Pick any character and battle your way up to the championship match! Maybe you'll even become champion?
Ever wondered what would happen if Vegeta beat Frieza? Well after you beat the game you can go back and play differant battles and unlock new characters and character upgrades! Amazing!
The story line is really cool and immersive. Although sometimes it seems a little repetative, it is still pretty cool. Some parts do come off as a little cheesy, its still a pretty sweet storyline.
As a DBZ fan, this game is definatly a must buy for any and all DBZ fans.