10000000 Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Score 10000000 at Rank Explorer The Jose
    Defeat a Treant Who's OP Now?
    Score 10000000 at Rank Dungeon Master Advanced Runner
    Score 10000000 with all potions active Drinking Problem
    Defeat every type of dragon Fus Do Rah
    Gain your freedom Freedom
    Fully upgrade your shield Vibranium
    Fully upgrade your armor Shining Armor
    Fully upgrade your staff Shall Not Pass
    Fully upgrade your sword Excalibur
    Fully upgrade your home Home Improved
    Do 200 damage in one move Big Hitter
    Repair all the rooms in your home Spot of DIY
    Score a 12 chain Totally meant that

    Contributed by: Guard Master