Trips down memory lane are fine, just don't bring all the missteps that go alone with it.

User Rating: 4 | 007 Legends PS3
Before I get on with this review, no 007 game will ever be revolutionary like Goldeneye. Ever. Get used to it. Like Nas with Illmatic, the crowd of the world have changed and people should frankly appreciate it for what it is, not hold it against them. People never truly appreciate the other games in this series, such as Nightfire and my personal favorite Bond game, Everything or Nothing (featuring the very last time Pierce Brosnan ever played the character), and the latter felt like it a true Bond movie too good for cinema. But the biggest issue is just one thing that's always been its problem since Goldeneye: it hasn't done much different or interesting to stand out.
007 Legends have you set through 5 classic Bond films, such as Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Moonraker, Licence to Kill, Die Another Day, and the upcoming Skyfall as DLC later on. Also, famous actors from those movies are coming back to play their respective characters. Whether it be Judi Dench as M, Michael Lonsdale as Hugo Drax, or Roy Kinnear as Bill Tanner, it adds some good ol' nostalgia into the mix. The voice acting is serviceable at best for the otherwise very short campaigns.
A bit part of 007 games is in its gameplay, ranging from shootouts, wild car chases and puzzle solving through the use of his slick gadgets to accomplish his missions. Sad that the shooting is dull and hapless, vehicle sections are awful, and puzzles are mundane and easy. Stealth is in the game too but it's too easy to shoot your way through everything than to really put yourself through the badly mad stealth mechanic. Enemies either have eagle eyes or will walk right past you as you take aim 2 feet away from them in plain sight. And let's not get too frustrated about those mandatory stealth missions this game tries throwing at you. There are some brawling moments with classic Bond villains such as Oddjob, Goldfinger, and Jaws, but they're so laughably easy, stiff and awkward they're hardly worth mentioning.
The graphics are nothing to really write home about in this game; it looks like Call of Duty: in 2006. It looks exactly like its budget. The technical side isn't the appeal though. It's the recreation of the classic Bond moments that really grab you. The moon base in Moonraker, the snow section of OHMSS, it's all there, nearly perfectly made for the modern day.
When you're done with the 5-6 campaign, the multiplayer side shows us its stuff and the split screen is by far the best part of this game. Up to 4 players can cause total mayhem with one another like those N64 days and it's some great fun.
Overall, I have to ask it one of my favorites questions to ask, movie or for videogames. Who exactly is this game made for? Activision has Black Ops 2 coming out to break 80 other records so it has no niche in the longevity department, and it does so many things wrong with the universe that not many (if any) Bond fans will truly enjoy this either. It's a game license that has an existing identity, but doesn't know how to get its name out there. It's a barely functional shooter that lives in the shadow of others. Once again the true Bond experience will exist on the big screen.