The final chapter of the .hack saga is coming to it's amazing end.

User Rating: 9 | .hack//Quarantine Part 4 PS2
I have been playing the .hack games since the first games to this series come out as they continued the epic story in the final chapter of this series with the game .hack//Quarartine.
The story follows soon after the events that occured in .hack//Outbreak as everyone has finally decided to join forces in the hopes of finally putting a end to the cursed wave that is spreading across the network and also causing problems within the real world but things are not going to be easy so there is danger around every corner so Kite must finish what was started ever since he first logged onto the game as he finally hopes to rescue all the players including Orca from their comatose sleep but he and others must hurry as the company is prepared to shut down the network as they believe it may soon the problems so Kite , BlackRose and everyone are in for a fight to the finish to make the game world a safe place like it was so long ago.
There is a ton of stuff that can be done within the game just like the other three games before it which include leveling up your party members , collecting new items and weapons , racing your grunty within the towns , fighting against some of the toughest monsters and bosses to date and alot more plus there is a big bonus with this title but both are unlocked at the end of the game as one is the Item Completion List as you must collect everything within the game so just to mention that don't worry about the rare items as they are not part of the list , there is also a hidden dungeon that holds a great secret but I'm keeping that a secret so your need to find out for yourself along with the new party members which I'm also keeping secret.
Now I usually would tell you about the Phase monsters that Kite and his friends have to battle in the game as in the last three reviews on this series I explained on the five that appeared already as there are a powerhouse of three that you need to fight as it would probably be best for you the gamer to see for yourself as this last ones are something not worth spoiling.
I really enjoyed playing the .hack series as it had a great story to follow , amazing characters as my favorites would have to be Mia and Elk and every minute had me on my toes including when I battled the final boss so if you have played through all the games then I have to say great work and if you are someone that never played the games then give it a try as I would strongly suggest you to start with .hack//Infection as if you start there you can save your game then use it in the next games to follow and believe me as you will need it so please enjoy as this one is a real collector's item.