Halo Reach is by far the best game of all time up to date!

I call this amazing game best ever mainly because of these reasons

teamwork, incredible physics system, every body has a chance, from any rank you have access to every weapon, skillful navigation, multiplayer has playlists for everybody. any size map, every player has shields, loads of fun and laughter, bungie has specifically designed games, players, and maps to be FAIR, AWESOME soundtracks, great campaign, mostly every body plays for a good time and not winning, FORGE and FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE GAMETYPES, the ONLY way to win is with SKILL!

I gotta give credit to the extraordinary physics engine, amount of teamwork and tactics available to the game play, and only game that has the right health bar amount! yet theres one problem. Theater mode and campaign only allow two people. other than that, thank you bungie!