This game is great, not PERFECT, but great

Oh Boom Blox, I have looked at this game for so long, contemplating whether or not I wanted to buy it, and I finally rented it. I was excited to play it, and had every right to be. This game is great. Probably one of the best Wii titles to date. Granted, the game starts off slow ( i mean like actually starting it, before you actually play it ) I don't much care for pushing A+B 2 minutes after i start the game lol.

You are given a few options to start playing, which is easy to navigate, yet tedious at the same time, a good analogy would be your computer. you have "my computer" then the C drive, then a folder, than another folder, then a file. sometimes i just get confused as to where i am, but overall its easy and good.

the game play is simple, yet... attractive. you throw things by targeting an area, holding the A button, then releasing it as you make a throwing motion. easy enough. the puzzles start out pretty easy, nothing too big, but man can they get hard. the physics are pretty good, though at times i feel they are less realistic than they could be, which isn't necessarily bad all the time.

my main concern with this game is length. over a few days i've gotten over 75% of the game completed, and im already playing it less and less. i of course am an exception to a lot of other gamers though, thats just how i do things. I would definitely play this game over and over again, getting golds in everything and multi player is amazing.

id say overall this game is great as a single player game, if taken in small doses so you don't beat it right away, and definitely as a game to play with multiple people, you will find yourself picking this one up again and again, because it truly is a great game