I have always loved the devil may cry series from a child it brings back so many memories

Devil may cry 4 is one of the best games that i have ever played in my life. I love the new character Nero and his demon arm. I love the storyline of devil may cry 4 alot and its a game that if you complete it, you will remember it for the rest of your life trust me, i have played it for over 400 hours over and over and over again because i love it. Its so good for a 2008 game and i was totally amazed with everything in devil may cry 4 especially the gameplay and the large variety of monsters and bosses which i love. I love the song in the beginning of the game when Nero is coming to the church and he's fighting monsters on the way. I love Nero and Dante's rivalry in the game and to see who is more powerful but i certainly prefer Nero to Dante. I also love the amazing special moves of both Dante and Nero. Going to buy dmc devil may cry which is devil may cry 5. I like Dante's new look in dmc devil may cry. His new hairstyle looks awesome and i like it better than his old hairstyle. Devil may cry 4 was an awesome game which i would love play all over again for the 8th time, its so addictive that i can not stop thinking about it...