Good Hockey

I've never been a fan of sports games. I figure if you want to play sports go outside and do it. But , I have to say that NHL 09 is one exception. I wasn't interested until I say down with a few friends and had a small 6 man tournament. It grew on me, so I went out and purchased it , and I have to say I enjoy it.
The graphics on the ice are superb. Looking at instant replays and zooming in on players is a must see if you have spare time to enjoy the quality of the detail in this game. The crowd can use work, which I think is the case for all sports games.
I do have to complain about the AI and some of the controls. One huge annoyance is the fact that there is a button to raise your stick, and one to poke the puck away. However, for some reason there are times that I'll go to poke the puck away and get a Sticking call. There should be no reason for my player to raise the stick if I'm going for the puck.
Also the AI is kinda of dumb. There are times when the players will just sit there while the puck is right next to them. Or do some kind of dumb formations.
Overall it is a fun game, especially now with hockey back on top.