Perfect sequel to an amazing series! Definitely worth every penny I paid for it.

User Rating: 9.8 | .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Kimi Omou Koe PS2
Gameplay/Battlesystem: Awesome. Just plain awesome. New additions to the original battlesystem brought on from Rebirth include the Divine Awakening and Weapon Switch. The already brilliant AI seems to have become smarter than before - otherwise known as "they block more often, thankfully". 10/10

Graphics: You'd think they'd be the same as Rebirth, but you're wrong. They cleaned up some of the jagged-y edges and made them a lot smoother. 9/10 for that one.

Sound: The voice actors seem more relaxed, but in the beginning, they talk a bit ... "sleepily". This is most noticeable in Haseo. But after a bit, they wake up and simply sound "relaxed", which is the way it should be. The music is also lovely, although some areas have music that can grind on your nerves after a while ... 9/10

Value: It has greater value if you've already played through and beaten volume 1. .hack//GU Volume 2//Reminisce should only be played if you have already beaten .hack//GU Volume 1//Rebirth. Otherwise, you'll be lost. The value increases if you plan on doing all the other little extras the game has to offer ... 10/10.

Tilt: 10/10, due to love of the series, fangirlism, and the fact that this game really is amazing.