This would be a hit in the U.S., but guess what it is not comming to the U.S.

User Rating: 1 | .hack//Fragment PS2
If this game was coming,to the U.S. I would get this game hands down. It looks sweet and it would be awesome to play.Plus anybody would like to play as anybody in "The World" But why can't the Japan companies that develop this game think "I think should give this game to the best people and gamers in the world, America." This makes me so mad. .Hack fragment would be one of the best games in the series, epesicaly when the game is "The World" and is a actual MMO.But since the game is discontinued in Japan,I guess CyberConennect2 are afraid that they will lose money.But the risk will be worth it because this game could be the new "World of Warcraft" or a contender of game of the year. But, I will think that any .Hack fans will love this game but they won't because this game won't come to the U.S.