This game is not out yet so there is no way to rate it. All I can do is give you a run-down.

User Rating: 7 | .hack//Fragment PS2
I cannot stress enough this is not an MMORPG and there is no official release date for this game in North America. This game is an ORPG created for Online/Offline gameplay.

You create your own character from scratch with a gender, profession, name, and a number of physical appearances. Now you are in the lobby. In the lobby you can open a new game or chat it up with others. The world you are in is not like an MMO with a main server containing all the data somewhere, but runs off your own computer, which represents a section of the world. You may quest in groups of three. You may also trade with other players like in any of the previous games with the main difference that they are not NPCs. Also, there are guilds within this game. You may open guild shops and sell items to make money or get special gear.

There will be no monthly fee for this game. If any release date is being set or if it will even come to North America is unknown and BANDAI has said nothing about it. Keep your eyes open for this game release.