This is the coolest .hack game, because YOU get to create your own character and play online with other characters!

User Rating: 10 | .hack//Fragment PS2
I have not play this game yet, but seen a trailer of it and I thought is was the coolest thing ever to happen for MMORPG and the .hack games. However Bandi has official said that they will not have an US release of this game and that Japanese servers will close/shut down in November will may mean that .hack fragment will not longer be playable anymore, but with the PS3's online service I doubt it. This makes me mad because I want the game to be release in the US and play online with the other characters, I hope that Bandi changes their minds and makes an US release of this game. This game looks awesome and I would like to make my own character and explore The World battling monsters and finding treasure. If they don't make an US release of this game I'm importing it. This game deserves to make an US release so it can be enjoy by people in the US and worldwide as well. I give this game a 10 out of 10.